Enterprise Control Engineers Ltd

About Us


The Company was formed in 1982, as Enterprise Electrical (Strathclyde) Limited, to meet market demands for control panel manufacture and 

electrical installation associated with HVAC control systems.


We became Enterprise Control Engineers Limited, in April 1992, still 

producing panels and electrical installations but adding system design & engineering and commissioning, offering a complete controls package                                                                                                                                                


Control panel manufacturing, design & engineering, electrical installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of control installations are 

completed by fully trained Enterprise Controls personnel.


We have an agreement with SIEMENS, TREND and DISTECH to install their building energy management systems, with which we are fully conversant. 


The growth from the original 2 personnel to approx 50 at today\'s date is in keeping with the increase in orders from satisfied clients

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Control Panels

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Service & Maintenance